Berliner Hütte

Berliner Hütte (2042 m) is a nice hut with impressive views. It is a typical route in the Zillertal valley because of the easy path and the rewarding landscape. Sitting in the terrace of Berliner Hütte and eating some traditional food you can enjoy the views of the several three thousand peaks around you. The most impressive image is the massive glaciers of the peaks Hornspitze and Turnerkamp, just in the border with Italy. Not only the landscape is beautiful, Berliner Hütte has a lot of history, which is reflected in the dining hall of the hut. It was built in 1878 and was an important base along the Berlin High Trail, it had even a post office.


Elevation gain




4H 10min









The route starts in the Alpengasthof Breitlahner, which has a paid parking. It is located in Ginzling, almost at the end of the Zillertaler Strasse, in the Zillertal valley.


toda la familia

For the whole family




The route pass through forest road most of the time, except the last 30 min when changes to a path.

00.00h Start. We follow the forest road direction south to cross the river and walk into a small forest. The forest road goes always parallel to the river and gaining elevation slowly.

01:00 Grawand Hütte. We pass the first of the hut of the route. It is a small hut in front of a huge and nice waterfall.

01.30 Plateau. We arrive to a plateau, where there are many farms and cows.

01.45 Alpenrose Wirtshaus. We pass by this hut and the forest road becomes a path, which goes a bit steep to the north at the beginning and then continue direction east.

02.15h Berliner Hütte. We descend through the same track, we arrive to the Alpenrose Witshaus in 02.45h and arrive to the starting point in the Alpengasthof Breitlahner in 04.10h.


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Forest road Path along the river Waterfall near Grawand Hütte Last part of the path befero reaching the plateu Plateu and glacier at the back Glacier from the plateu After the plateu we change to a smaller path View from the terrace of Berliner Hütte The other glacier from the terrace of Berliner Hütte Panoramic image from Berliner Hütte

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