Hoher Kranzberg

The hike to Hoher Kranzberg (1391 m) is a nice and easy circular route, that goes near two mountain lakes, Lautersee and Ferchensee. The peak is quite touristic and has nice views of the surrounding landscape. The path goes most of the time through a pine forest, which is pretty special because of the presence of creeping pines (Bergkiefer). Because of its low altitude, the route from Mittenwald is a good option to go hiking in spring or autumn, when higher peaks have snow.


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The route starts in Mittenwald, Germany. It can be easily reached by train or car. We park the car on a free parking area in front of the train station.

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In both lakes you can swim in summer and there are alms and restaurants where you can have lunch.

00:00 Start. From the train station, we take the street Bahnhofstrasse and cross the center of the village direction west.

00:10 Forest. We leave the village and a forest road goes up zigzagging, then it becomes flat, crosses a meadow and enters another forest area.

00:40 Lautersee. We arrive to the first lake and detour to the left to surround the lake, it takes 15 min. You can also take a detour to the right and go directly to the next lake, passing by Seehof Lautersee. After surrounding the lake, the path continues through the forest.

01:10 Ferchensee. There is also a path that surrounds the lake, but this time we take the short way on the north side of the lake to continue the route. Both paths merge in Ferchensee Gasthaus and then it goes through a slightly steep path into the forest.

02:02 Hoher Kranzberg. After the forest, we walk some meters through a meadow and reach the summit. At the Hoher Kranzberg summit, there are some benches made of wood to enjoy the sun and take a break. We descend by a forest road to the east, that goes directly to the village by the little ski resort Kranzberg-Sessellift, the path switches from forest to ski slopes. Once we arrive to Mittenwald, our paths of ascend and descend merge soon.

03:00 Mittenwald.


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Forest road Lautersee Lautersee Ferchensee Path to Hoher Kranzberg Views from Hoher Kranzberg Obere Wettersteinspitze

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