Mittelberglesee (2450m) is a very beautiful lake with spectacular views. Not only the views from the lake are beautiful, during the tour we also enjoyed the landscape. It is located almost at the bottom of the Pitztal valley, narrower and quieter than the neighboring valleys. Pitztal is known for its great peaks, many of them above 3000m and its large glacier areas, most of them can be seen from Mittelberglesee.


Elevation gain




3H 45min









The route begins in Trenkwald, in the Pitztal valley, which we reach from the A12 motorway through the Imst / Pitztal exit. Access is possible in urban transport, but with many transfers from Innsbruck.






The route that we follow has two phases, in the first one we ascend in a very direct way, gaining a lot of altitude to leave the bottom of the valley. Then a diagonal is made to later alternate slopes and plateaus until you reach Mittelberglesee.

00:00 Start. We take the track that begins next to the car park and crosses the river. Just after crossing it, we take a path to the right (direction W) instead of following the track that goes to the south. The path ascends through a forest in a very direct way, with a high slope. As we go forward, the forest loses density until it becomes a scrubland.

00:40 End of the forest. The forest ends and the path makes a diagonal, also very direct, to the right (NW) by scrubland.

00:55 Change of direction. We reach a plateau, where the path makes a notable change of direction towards the southeast (left). The path softens and gradually gains altitude, making a diagonal that cuts the slope.

01:30 Couloir. We arrive to a wide couloir where a river flows, the path ascends more sharply towards the bottom of the channel.

01:50 Plateau. We climb a first slope that takes us to another plateau, where the river runs quieter and meandering. We ascend parallel to the river on its left side, to climb the last pass that takes us to our destination.

02:15 Mittelberglesee. We reach the lake, from where we can enjoy stunning views. The descent path is the same, at 03:05 we arrive at the change of direction, at 03:25 we entered the forest and arrive at Trenkwald at 03:45.


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Path through the forest Plateau where we change direction Views to Hohe Geige Long diagonal and peak Parstleskogel Couloir Views to Hohe Geige Last plateau Views of the meandering river Mittelberglesee and Parstleswand Mittelberglesee with peaks Hohe Geige, Silberschneid and Ampferkogel Hohe Geige

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