Olpererhütte (2388m) is a sunny hut located in the Zillertal Alps, just above the lake Schlegeis-Stausee and beyond the massive peak Olperer (3476m), the third highest peak in the Zillertal Alps. From the Olpererhütte there is a great view of the lake Schlegeis-See surrounded by the peaks Hochfeiler, Großer Möseler, Hohe Weißzint and Hochferner. All of them higher than 3000m and with impressive glaciers on the top.


Elevation gain




2H 35min









The route begins in Schlegeis-Stausee. To reach it we follow the Zillertaler Bundestrasse 169 to Mayrhofen and then detour to Ginzling. Toll payment is required for the last part of the road (12.5€ per car). We park in the second parking, that it is the one closest to the beginning of the route (after the Alpengasthaus). 


toda la familia

For the whole family



The route is pretty easy, basically we make zigzags in the west of Schlegeis-See gaining altitude and reach Olpererhütte. The path is not the most interesting, because the view is always the same, but what a view!! you never get tired of it.

00.00h Start. The track starts near the lake and gets into the forest.

00.25h End of the forest. The forest ends and the path continues to the left. It gets diagonally, then makes a little zigzag and continues the diagonal. This diagonal-zigzag pattern is repeated three times.

01.10h Turn north. The track turns slightly north and we make a diagonal direction to the hut that we can already see from this point.

01:35h Olpererhütte. Due to problem with the GPS we don’t have the times of the way back but it is around 1 hour.


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Path of ascent Schlegeis-See After the forest the landscape becomes meadows Last part of the ascent is not “so” steep Almost there Olperer from Olperer Hütte Olperer Hütte, Schlegeis See and the Glaicers Grosser Möseler, hoher Weisszint, Hochfeiler and Haupenhöhe amoung others Bridge after Olperer Hütte with a view

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