Rinnenspitze (3003m) is one of the threethousands in the Stubai Valley, part of the “Seven Summits of Stubai”. The peak is located in Oberbergertal, a quiet and wild valley adjacent to the Stubai Valley. The ascent to Rinnenspitze is not difficult considering that we are talking about a 3000m summit in the Alps. This peak is the gateway to very beautiful and impressive glacier areas. In addition, on the way we can deviate a bit to see the Rinnensee, one of the most beautiful lakes in the area.


Elevation gain




6H 30min









We start the route in Oberissalm, where there is a paid parking area. To get there we take the road 183 and on Neustift im Stubaital we detour to Seduck / Bärenbad.





Small climb



The via ferrata is ranked as level A and B in some sections, where you have to climb and there are parts a bit exposed.  We think it is easy and, in our case, we didn’t need the ferrata equipment, despite carrying it, in fact, we thought it was quite uncomfortable to use via ferrata set. Anyway, if you doubt about it better take the via ferrata set, when we went down we found people waiting for their friends because they did not have equipment and did not dare to go up without it.

00:00 Start. We take the forest road that leaves Oberissalm towards the bottom of the valley (direction W) and crosses a meadow.

00:10 Scrubland. The ascent starts on the right of the waterfall through a scrubland, where the path zigzags.

00:45 Alpein Alm. We passed by an Alm located on a small plateau. The path continues direction west, crosses a river and ascends to Franz-Senn-Hütte.

01:00 Franz-Senn-Hütte. This Hütte is located on another small plateau, from where we enjoy the views of the Oberbergertal valley. The path crosses the river and continues northeast, then turns west. From here the land is rocky and the path makes an ascending diagonal towards the bottom of the valley by one of the sides of it.

02:15 Detour to Rinnensee. On our left there is a detour to the lake, which we will take on the descent. We continue along the path, which becomes steeper and zigzags through a stony area.

03:15 Via Ferrata. We follow the path until the last part of the ascent, where with help of a fixed rope and pegs we climb first directly to the ridge and then we go through it to the top. Once on the ridge, the path changes the facing and we can see at our feet the glacier Lüsener Ferner, which is spectacular.

03:40 Rinnenspitze. We reach a fairly wide peak, from where you can see the highest peaks of Stubai and its glaciers. The descent is exactly the same, except that we approach to see Rinnensee lake, totally recommendable since the detour is very short. At 03:50 we finish the via ferrata and at 04:25 we go back to the detour towards Rinnensee and this time we take it.

04:30 Rinnensee. From the lake we see the Rinnenspitze on one side and, on the other side, the great mountains that separate us from the Stubai valley. To continue the descent, we return to the detour and continue on the same path of ascension. At 05:30 we go through Franz-Seen-Hütte, at 05:45 by Alpein Alm.

06:30 End. We arrive at the starting point, Oberissalm.


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Forest road from Oberissalm Oberissalm and Oberbergtal valley Arriving to Franz-Senn-Hütte Franz-Senn-Hütte River Oberbergbach and glacier Alpeiner Ferner Path and Oberbergtal Stony area and Rinnenspitze Rinnenspitze Rinnensee and the area of Alpeiner Kräulferner Views towards Oberbergtal Habicht from Rinnenspitze Glacier Lüsener Ferner Area of the glacier Alpeiner Ferner and Ruderhofspitze Lüsener Ferner Rinnensee and Rinnenspitze Views from Rinnensee

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