Saile (Nockspitze)

Nockspitze or Saile (2404m), located at the beginning of the Stubai Valley, is one of the peaks which you can see from Innsbruck, therefore it is famous. It is a summit with several routes and possibilities, so both experienced mountaineers and beginners can go up to enjoy their views. From the first summit we enjoyed the Inn valley and Nordkette; from the second one, we are facing the Kalkkögel and on our left Stubai valley opens, highlighting Serles and Habicht peaks.


Elevation gain




5H 45m









We start in Mutters, at the Mutters Nockfweg / Muttereralmbahn STB tram stop. Yu can arrive there by tram from the center of Innsbruck.


ruta circular

Circular route


Easy climb

Acceso transporte publico

Acces by public transport



We start in Mutters, but you can take the cable car to Muttereralm, avoiding 1h 40min and 800m of elevation gain. From Muttereralm there are several ways to reach the summit, we make a circular route, climbing by the black path (of greater difficulty), where there are rocky areas where you have to use your hands and to go down through the path that leads to Birgitzer Alm.

00:00 Start. We go direction Muttereralmbahn and immediately we see signs indicating the path to Muttereralm and Saile. Following these signs, we go into a forest, at the beginning we alternate path and forest road, then we take a path towards Muttereralm.

01:40 Mutterer Alm. We follow the path to Saile, well indicated just in front of the Alm (direction W). We ascend until we reach the Pfriemeswand, from where we can see Axamer Lizum far away. We follow the path, which borders Pfriemeswand on our right (its southern slope) until we reach a crossroad, we follow the signs and turn left towards Saile. Once we are on the hill, we walk 2 minutes to the top of Pfriemeswand.

03:00 Pfriemeswand. We go back to the crossroad where we abandoned the path to Saile and we continue it. We pass through a quite steep stony part, where there is a fixed rope. Then the path continues easy to the top.

03:50 Nockspitze / Saile (Vorgipfel). Saile or Nockspitze has two summits, which differ only in 30m of altitude. From the first one, located at the north, we have the views of the Inn valley and the Nordkette mountain range.

04:00 Nockspitze / Saile. In less than 10min we reach the south summit, from which we have incredible views of the Kalkköggel, the Stubai Valley and in the back Zillertal. In addition, this summit is wider and less steep, much more comfortable to rest and have a snack. To go down we take the path direction south, towards Birgitzköpflhaus. This path is easier, so we walk quite quickly.

04:40 Birgitzköpflhaus. We reach the top of the Birgitzköpf chairlift of Axamer Lizum. From here you can go down directly to Muttereralm, following the indications, or take a small detour as we did towards Birgitzer Alm avoiding the ski piste.

05:00 Birgitzer Alm. Just before reaching the Alm, we take the path to the right (direction E). This path leads to a forest road.

05:45 Muttereralmbahn. We end the hike in Muttereralmbahn but it is possible to go down to Mutters by the same track we ascended.


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Forest during the ascent to Mutterer Alm Lake close to Muterer Alm Muterer Alm Nockspitze from Muterer Alm Nockspitze and in the right Birgitzköpfhaus (we will pass by during the descent) Last part of the ascent Innsbruck and Nordkette Snow and the fixed rope Zillertal from the summit Main summit from the pre-summit Closer look of the glaciers and peaks of Zillertal Stubaital from the summit. At the left Serles, in the middle Habitch and at the right the Kalkköggel Kalkköggel Birgitzköpfhaus Birgitzer Alm

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