Seebensee (1657 m) is a very beautiful mountain lake with turquoise water that can be reached by a short hike. It is considered one of the most beautiful and instragrammable lakes in Tirol. The lake is surrounded by the Vorderer Tajakopf mountain to the east, the Vorderer Drachenkopf to the south and the Ehrwalder Sonnenspitze to the west.


Elevation gain




3H 15min









It can be reached by car following the road E532, that connect Austria and Germany, towards Ehrwald and park at the parking of the Ehrwalder Almbahn.



Easy climb




The tour we made was slighty difficult, because at the ascend there is an area with fixed ropes and pegs to climb. However, it is possible to ascend by the path that we used to descend. In addition, the cable car Ehrwalder Almbahn ascends to 1500m and from there in 20 min you are in the lake. From the lake you can also extend the hike (approximately 40 min) by going to Coburger Hütte or Drachensee, the lake above Seebensee.

00:00 Start. From the base of the cable car Ehrwalder Almbahn we take the path that goes under the cable direction south and gets into the forest, following the indications to Coburger Hütte.

00:40 Rocky ground. We arrive to an area with loose stone. The way is not easy to find, we make just one zigzag on the rocky area and then turn to the left to the area with vegetation. We reach soon the slightly difficult section of the hike, an area with a narrow path combined with fixed ropes and pegs.

01:20 Plateau. After the section with the fixed rope, the path gets flat and continues through a grazing area.

01:40 Seebensee. We reach the beautiful lake Seebensee and look around for a nice place to sit. The lake is surrounded by a forest road in its left side and there are many tables and benches to sit. To descend, we follow the forest road direction Ehrwalder Almbahn Bergstation (NE). The forest road surrounds the peak Vorderer Tajakopf, but we take a little detour to a parallel path for 20 min to avoid the crowd and then come back to the road.

02:20 Kroatiker weg. At this point we take a path named Kroatiker weg that gets away from the main road, at the beginning it is a bit steep and goes through the forest and then it gets flat to cross a grazing area.

02:45 Ehrwalder Almbahn Bergstation. We reach the top station of the cable car and walk down the forest road, which cross some grazing areas and ski slopes under the cables of the cable car.

03:15 Finish at the base of Ehrwalder Almbahn.


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Forest at the beginning of the route Rocky ground Zugspitze Path with fixed ropes Seebensee Forest road to descend Ehrwalder Almbahn Bergstation

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