Seebergspitze (2085m) is a peak in the Karwendel with amazing views of the lake Achensee the Zillertal valley and the Karwendel itself. Along to Bärenkopf, it has one of the most impressive and panoramic views of the area. The hike is easy and goes over different landscapes, but most of the time it is pretty steep.


Elevation gain




4H 20min









The route starts in Pertisau, the village located in Achensee. We park at the end of the village in a parking named “Pertisau Parkplatz”, where the hiking starts.


ruta circular

Circular route





Seebergspitze can be reached by several hikes, we decided to make a circular route from Pertisau. The hike goes up through a forest by the path near to Pertisau and down by Pasillsattel and Pletzachalm.

00:00 Start. We enter the forest and follow the signal that marks Seebergspitze. After few minutes, we arrive to Ebnerblick, the first view point from which we can already see Achensee. Then continue through the forest.

01:20 Shrubland. At the end of the forest, we follow the path through a shrubland and enjoy the panoramic views with Achensee on our right and the Karwendel on our left.

01:55 Ridge. The path goes through a ridge, which is not difficult but a bit narrow if you come across other hikers.

02:20 Seebergspitze summit. At the summit we enjoy the amazing panoramic views and to make the route circular, we go down direction west through a narrow and a bit slippery ridge.

02:35 Shrubland. After the ridge, the path goes through an area with dense shrubs.

02:55 Pasillsattel. We arrive to a mountain pass and go to the south, passing by an area with shrubs and then steep meadows.

03:35 Pletzachalm. After crossing a bridge, we arrive to a plateau with a hut named Pletzachalm and some farms. We follow the Seebergsteig path to Pertisau, which is flat and easy.

03:40 Forest. The path goes into the forest and we find some benches to rest along the trail.

04:20 Pertisau.


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Forest View of Achensee Steinernes Tor End of the forest Ridge Achensee from the summit Bärenkopf Ridge to descent Descent path Pletzachalm

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