Elfer (2505m) is a peak that looks imposing from Neustift in Stubaital. His name comes from elf, eleven in German, since every day at 11 o’clock in the morning the sun passes over it. Its rocky walls suggest that the only way to ascend is climbing. Despite there are several climbing routes, a hiking path ascents through rocks, walls and meadow. The top is very small, you can only access one by one to touch the cross that marks the highest point. This circular route offers us views of Zwölferspitze, Habicht and Pinnistal valley.


Elevation gain

833 m



3H 25m









We start from the Elfer cable car, Elferbergstation, located in Neustift in Stubaital. Access is easy from Innsbruck by car or by the 590 bus, which leaves us at the Neustift i. St. Abzw Elferbahn stop.


ruta circular

Circular route


Cable car


Small climb

Acceso transporte publico

Access by public transport



Our route starts at the top of Elferbahn, however, it is possible to start directly from Neustift in Stubaital by a path that ascends through the forest below the cable car, which adds 900m of altitude difference to the ascent.

00:00 Start. We start the route from the cable car, we ascend direction to Elferhütte by a path that goes up zigzagging on a hillside that in winter is a ski slope.

00:20 Elferhütte. The path continues towards the Elferspitze (direction S) ascending by a knoll until a very wide ridge. The path that runs through it remains simple among stones, walls and meadows.

01:20 Detour to Elfer. From the detour the ascent passes through a path in an area of stones. There are a couple of points where it is necessary to make a small climb, they are equipped with fixed ropes. The pre-summit is a small rocky area where we find the sign of the “Seven Summits” of Stubai. From there, some pegs help us to overcome the last steps to reach the top located about 3-4m above us.

01:30 Elferspitze. The top of Elferspitze is a very small rock where no more than two people can stand and it have a cross. We begin the descent by the same path.

01:40 Detour to Zwölfernieder. We reach the detour where we deviated to the top of the Elfer during the ascent. We continue direction to Zwölfernieder on a path that borders by its south side Elferkofel, only accessible by a via ferrata.

02:20 Zwölfernieder. We are on the pass between Elferkofel and Zwölferspitze, we follow the path on our left (direction E) towards Elferhütte. We walk through a path that descends slowly by meadows at the Pinnistal valley. The trail has informative panels about fauna, flora and geology, as well as beautiful views of the rocky mountain range on the other side of the Serleskamm valley.

03:10 Elferhütte. At this point instead of going down through the path of ascension, we take a path through the forest to avoid the heat and the sun.

03:25 Elferbahn. We arrive at the starting point, we will see a large sundial located about 100 meters away and we take a snack watching a multitude of paragliders taking off.

03:25 Elferbahn. We arrive at the starting point, we will see a large sundial located about 100
meters away and we take a snack watching a multitude of paragliders taking off.


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Elferspitze from Neustift Top of Elferbahn where we start the route Elferhütte Elferspitze from Elferhütte Wide path from Elferhütte Path from Elferhütte Views of Stubai and the path Via ferrata at Elferkofel Sort climb equipped with fix ropes Pre-summit of Elferspitze Elena in the summit Pugs to the summit Views of the valley, the ascent and Serles from the summit Zwölfernieder and Zwölfpitze Elferspitze and Elferkofel from Zwölfernieder Elferspitze from Hoher Burgstal Path to descent and views of Serleskamm

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