Glockturm (3355m) is a high peak free of glacier and easy to climb, located in the Ötztaler Alps. The hiking is easy to do in one day, because thanks to the Kaunertal glacier road you can start the route at 2300 m. It is high and isolated from other very high peaks so the panoramic view is nice. In addition, you have amazing views of the Wildspitze, the Weiβseespitze and the glacier Gepatschferner from the whole route. The moonscape full of dark scree in the higher areas is also attractive.


Elevation gain

1096 m



6H 15m









The starting point of the route is reachable by the Kaunertal glacier road, that costs a toll of 24 € per car. We parked at the Riffeltal carpark. It is also possible to go by bus from Prutz


ruta circular

Circular route


More than 3000m


Small climb



We did a circular route, ascending by the Riffeltal valley and descending by the Krummgampental valley. The route is not difficult, but physically demanding. Special care must be taken in the first part of the descent, where the scree has loose big rocks and there is no good indications of the route.

0:00 Start. From the car park, we follow the indications direction Riffeltal through a grazing area.

00:40 Plateau. We reach a little plateau, from where we can already see the amazing views of the Wildspitze, the Wieβseespitze and the glacier Gepatschferner.

01:20 Lake Rifflkar. We leave the grazing area and walk through a moonscape full of rocks and without vegetation.

02:10 Riffljoch. We reach the mountain pass Riffljoch and then go left (W) direction Glockturm through the ridge, above the little glacier Rifflferner. The ridge is broad and the path is easy to find, with few areas of blocks to scramble.

03:00 Glockturm. We reach the summit and enjoy the breathtaking views of the glaciers and high peaks around. The first few meters of descent are the same as for ascent, but then the path goes south. In this area, the path goes through a scree with loose rocks, so we have to walk carefully. It is not properly indicated and difficult to follow.

04:20 Lake. We pass near a little lake and the area becomes greener.

04:55 Krummgampental. We go down to the bottom of the valley Krummgampental and follow the river Krummgampenbach direction east.

05:30 Ascent. When it seems that we are going to reach the glacier street, we take a detour to the left (N) to overtake the hill and then go down to the parking lot. The ascent is approximately 100 m of elevation gain, but after the whole route it is hard.

06:15 End. We reach the glacier road.


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Weiβseespitze from the plateau Plateau Moonscape and summit Lake Rifflkar Rifflferner and lake Rifflkar from Riffljoch Ridge Gepatschferner from the ridge Last part of the ridge Glockturm summit and views of Gepatschferner Glockturm summit Gepatschferner Descent

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