Ascent to Mutterberger See (2480m)

Mutterberger See is a very beautiful lake located at the end of the Stubai Valley, surrounded by high mountains over 3000m. The route is easy, short and rewarding, for the whole family. Fully recommended to enjoy the Alps and its glaciers without much effort. This very accessible lake has privileged views of the highest peaks in the area, such as Wilder Freiger, Wilder Pfaff and Zuckerhütl, and their corresponding glaciers.


  • Date: 17-06-2017
  • Elevation gain: 917m
  • Distance: 9.69km
  • Difficulty: Very easy
  • Duration: 3:40h at a slow pace, especially on the descent.
  • Access: We start the route in Mutterbergalm, located at the base of the ski resort Stubaier Gletscher. It can be accessed by car or by bus 590 from Innsbruck (1h 23min).




00:00 Start. We leave Mutterbergalm by a forest road that we find at the back of the parking lot (direction E). There is a point where a path starts next to the forest road, in our case we take it, but both (path and forest road) lead to the same place so you can choose. The route leads us at all times to the end of the valley, parallel to the river.

01:10 Crossing the river. The path makes a turn of almost 90º to the right (direction E) and it takes us to the other side of the river, we gain altitude and then the path becomes quite flat, we go direction to the beginning of the valley again.

01:30 Detour to Mutterberger See. We take the marked detour (direction N-W). In this part we find more areas of stones and meadows, through which we can move without difficulty.

02:00 Mutterberger See. We arrive at the lake, usually in this area it is windy so we recommend looking for a sheltered place if we want to stop to eat. Before descending, we climb a small hill that surrounds the lake to take pictures and enjoy the image of the lake with the glaciers in the back. It is a spectacular image! In addition, there are also very good views of the quagmire that we will see during the descent.

02:00 Descent. To descend we continue on the path we came by. After 10 minutes we will pass through a swamp.

02:10 Quagmire. From there, we slowly lose altitude crossing grasslands with several streams crossing.

02:55 Direct descent. There is a point when the path stops going down diagonally to do it directly.

03:25 Bridge. We cross a wooden bridge that takes us to the forest road that we used to ascend.

03:40 Mutterbergalm.



Waterfall close to the parking in Mutterberg Alm
First part through a forest road surrounded by meadows
A marmoth saying good morning!
Views from the detour to Mutterberger See
Final ascent to the lake
Mutterberger See
Views of Mutterberger See and Stubaier Gletscher
Mutterberger See and Zukerhult andl Wilder Freiger (highest peaks of Stubai) at the back
Swamp that we pass during the descent
One of the many streams that we cross during the descent

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