Schöntalspitze (3002 m) is one of the classic peaks in Sellrain, perfect for a one-day alpine tour. The three thousand peak is located in a very quiet area of the Stubai Alps and is a typical peak for backcountry ski in winter, but it is not so famous for hiking in summer. The landscape along the hike is beautiful and from the top you can enjoy the view of the main peaks and glaciers of the Stubai Alps.


Elevation gain

1350 m












We start the route in Lüsens, in the Sellrain valley. Take the main road to Gries im Sellrain and then turn left to Praxmar. The parking of Lüsens is at the end of the road.



More than 3000m


Small climb



The hike is not especially difficult till the ridge, which is equipped with fixed ropes for a light climbing. In our case even it was 14th of July it had been snowing the night before and the ridge had snow and ice. Also, the scree before reaching Zischgenscharte had a snow.

0:00 Start. We take the forest road direction SW and, after 10min, the path named Dr Siemon weg southwest, making a big diagonal along the hillside.

00:50 Längertal valley. When the forest finishes, the path turns to the right (W) to enter the Längertal valley and continues along the hillside direction to the end of the valley.

01:25 Westfallenhaus. We reach the hut and turn right (N), following the signs to Schöntalspitze.

02:00 Münsterhöhe. The path passes near this little summit on our way to Schöntalspitze.

02:30 Couloir. We arrive to a scree and go up zigzagging. This part is pretty steep and a bit tedious. We found snow from here to the top.

03:10 Zischgenscharte. We arrive to the mountain pass named Zischgenscharte and turn right (E). The ridge has a light climb partly equipped with fixed ropes to the summit.

03:40 Schöntalspitze. The summit is tiny and it was cloudy, so we couldn’t enjoy the views from the top and after a quick break we had to go back right away. The descent path was the same. We arrive at 04:25 to Zischgenscharte, at 04:55 to Westfallenhaus and at 06:00 to Lüsens.


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Parking and Lüsener Fernerkogel Path in Längertal valley Längertal valley and Hoher Seeblaskogel Mountain pass Münsterhöhe Views from Münsterhöhe Start of the ridge Ridge Schöntalspitze Schöntalspitze

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