Hoher Burgstall

Hoher Burgstall (2611m) has a curious shaped peak, it is located in the Stubai Valley. It is a fairly simple ascent that surprises with beautiful views. From its summit we have a 360 ° panorama of the Karwendel, the Stubai Valley, including the glaciers of the Zuckerhütl area, and we can even see the Zillertal peaks in the distance. In addition, you do not have to wait till the top to enjoy beautiful views, from Starkenburger Hütte we can see the whole valley of Stubai, from beginning to end, and from the viewpoint there are panels that mark us the seven summits that form the “Seven Summits of Stubai”, including Hoher Burgstall itself. These seven summits have been selected by the people of the valley, considering not only their altitude, but also their beauty, history and shape.


Elevation gain




4H 40m









We start the route in Neustift im Stubaital, which can be accessed by car or by bus 590 (52min). We started at the bus stop Neustift im Stubaital Kindergarten.


ruta circular

Circular route


Cable car


Easy climb

Acceso transporte publico

Access by public transport



Hoher Burgstall is a peak that can be accessed from different points. We chose the climb with the highest slope, but it is also possible to make other circular from Schlick 2000, following part of the route we use to descend.

00:00 Start. We head towards the NW along the Bachertalweg, which immediately becomes a path among fields.

00:10 Meadow. We arrived at a meadow. The plants are very high and we can barely see the path, which goes up bordering the forest very direct.

00:40 Forest. We enter a forest area, where we make a pair of diagonals.

01:15 Fence. The road takes us to a fence with stairs to cross it. We get into a pasture with sheep and a couple of shepherd houses.

01:30 Second fence. We leave the fenced area for the sheep and continue the ascent, always very direct, by wooded area.

01:50 Cross with the forest road. We cross a forest road that continues NE and also goes to Starkenburger Hütte. We continue along the path that crosses the forest and then goes through a meadow area, approaching a colouir.

02:25 Forest road. We cross again with the same forest road and this time we follow it, taking a turn under the Hütte.

02:45 Starkenburger Hütte. We arrive at the Hütte, where it is worth stopping for a moment at the viewpoint to enjoy the views of the Stubai Valley and some of its great peaks. From this viewpoint you can see all the peaks that form the “Seven Summits of Stubai”. Also from the Hütte we see the goal itself, right above. We take the path that starts from the Hütte in the NW direction.

02:55 Detour. We take the detour that goes straight in direction N. In the last meters, we go through a rocky area where we need to use our hands at some point, but there is no technical difficulty.

03:30 Hoher Burgstall. We reach a fairly small summit, with beautiful views of the Stubai Valley, Schlick and the Karwendel. The first few meters of descent are through the same path, but then we turn to the right (NW direction), to a path that goes along the ridge.

03:40 Pegs. This first area has a lot of rock and some pegs help us to get down more safely. Then the path on rock passes to a small rocks area, there isn’t a concrete path, so we go down towards the ridge following our own route.

03:50 Ridge. We leave behind the scree slope, the path goes along a soft ridge on grass.

03:55 We avoid a peak. We face a small peak, which we border, following the path on our right (direction E). Then we continue the path along the ridge.

04:20 Detour to Schlick 2000. We take the path to the left (direction N), towards the cable car of Schlick 2000. Although it is quite well integrated into the landscape, we notice that we are passing close to a ski resort.

04:40 Kreuzjochbahn. We arrive at the cable car that leaves us at Fulpmes. You can also walk down a track that runs through the ski resort.


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Path through the forest Stairs to go inside the pasture couloir to the forest road and on the top Starkenburger Hütte Habicht, Wilder Freiger y Zuckerhütl from the forest road Starkenburger Hütte and Hoher Burgstall Oberbergtal Stubai and Oberbergtal Elferspitze Habicht Serles Fix rope and cross on the top of Hoher Burgstall Area with fix rope during the descent Panoramic view of Kalkkögel Wide ridge to go down Last part of the descent Kreuzjochbahn Elferpitze from Kreuzjocjbahn

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