Rosskögel (2646m) is, as well as Nordkette and Serles, one of the mountains that you can see from Innsbruck, which makes this ascent famous. It is a hard ascent regarding the accumulated altitude, but it has beautiful views of the Inn and Sellrain valleys. The ascent is through an open area, where the sun beats down all day, so be careful on hot summer days. We climb in autumn and we recommend it, because the vegetation turns red and yellow and it is beautiful.


Elevation Gain




5H 20min









The ascent starts at the Oberperfuss ski resort, which can be reached by bus 4165 from Innsbruck. We get off at the Oberperfuss Rangger Köpfl Lift stop and take the cable car to the first stop. You can also arrive by car and park at the starting point, in Stiglreith restaurant.


ruta circular

Circular route


Cable car

Acceso transporte publico

Access by public transport



00:00 Start. We start at the first stop of the cable car, next to the Stiglreith restaurant. We take the road in direction E, bordering the forest. We go from the road that goes through the forest to another path that climbs up the ski piste. At the moment they are under construction and it’s all a bit chaotic.

00:30 Lake. The forest road passes next to an artificial lake, we take a look and then continue through the forest.

00:50 Rosskogelhütte. This Hütte is located right on the edge of the forest and has beautiful views of Innsbruck and the Inn Valley. From here we walk through a meadow, following the path to the mountain pass.

01:15 Mountain pass. We reach the pass and the path turns to the left (SW direction), following the ridge. At the beginning the ascent is smooth, but in this section we find a steep slope that demands more effort.

02:15 End of the hill. After gaining so much elevation in a short time, the rise again softens a little.

02:40 Stone area. The path goes through a more complicated area, sometimes we have to use our hands to progress and in other steps we have to walk carefully through mixed land of scree and pasture, without being difficult.

03:05 Rosskögel. We reach the top from where we have beautiful views of the Inn Valley and Sellraintal. It is a nice and wide summit, although exposed to the wind. When making the circular route, we begin the descent on the other side of the Rosskögel. To do this, we take the path in the SW direction, which surrounds the top and descends towards the Sellraintal valley.

03:35 Change of hillside. We crossed a pass to return to the north face of the Rosskögel.

04:20 Crossing with the path of ascent. We are at a point on the path of ascent, but instead of going down there, we turn to the right to go through other path that is more direct.

04:45 Rosskogelhütte. From here we continue along the path of ascent, although in some sections we go to the road that, although it turns more, is more comfortable and with shading.

05:20 End. We ended up at the same start location, the Stiglreith restaurant.


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Lake Rosskogel Hütte Red shrubland and Rosskogel in the back Ridge to ascend Ascension route superdirect View to the back during the ascent Final part View to the back Final part Views from the summit to Sellraintal Panoramic view from the summit Kalkkögel from the summit Forest road to descend

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