Kühtai stands out for its beautiful landscape and high altitude, its base is one of the highest in Austria. It is located in a quiet valley, Sellraintal, so it is not a crowded ski resort. In addition to skiing, Kühtai offers a variety of activities such as sledding, night skiing and winter hiking..



40km distributed in 6 blue pistes, 13 red, 7 black and 1 freeride route. It is a medium-sized ski resort and its pistes are not very long, the maximum altitude difference is 500m.


Although Kühtai can be considered a family ski resort, there are few pistes for beginners. There are plenty steep but not very long red slopes, perfect for medium-advanced skiers. In addition, the Gaiskogellift area has only black pistes.


It is not a diverse ski resort, since there are mainly red slopes. In addition, all the pistes are divided only into two hillsides.


Lifts are in good condition, except for the two-people chairlift "Wiesbergbahnen" that looks older and it is uncomfortable. The cable car is very comfortable and the waiting time is usually short.


The daily price for an adult is 37€. Several discounts are available for youths, seniors, half-day, etc. The price is quite cheap considering that it includes the ski resort Hochoetz, although they are only connected by road. The connection is 25 minutes by bus or car.


Kühtai is 30 minutes from Innsbruck via a mountain road. You can also reach the ski resort by bus (line 4166) from Innsbruck in 1 hour.


The ski resort offers only one freeride route, but near the pistes there are interesting possibilities to enjoy powder, for example in the area of Gaiskogelift. Also, to the right of Dreiseenbahn (S-W) you can access freeride areas.


Kühtai does not offer a wide panoramic view, however, the mountains and the valley in which it is located are very beautiful. The village is quite ugly, it breaks with the typical magic of the Tyrolean villages, it is made up of several hotels that haven´t kept the typical architecture.


In the base of the ski resort there is a large snowpark that includes a competition Half-Pipe and another easier for beginners.

The best:

  • Its high altitude favors good snow until the end of the season.

  • The landscape.

  • It is not an overcrowded ski resort, it doesn´t attract as many tourists as those in the surrounding valleys.


Mapa pistas kühtai

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