Paradiski is a ski area formed by the ski resorts Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and La Plagne, connected since 2003 by the huge Vanoise Express cable car. It is a huge area with more than 400km of slopes distributed horizontally along the mountainsides of the Vanoise National Park. Most of the ski resort is located in forest areas with huge trees, except for the areas around the Aiguille Rouge and Bellecòte peaks. It is a quite easy ski resort and especially designed for families, with many activities besides skiing.



The ski area is huge, 425km distributed in 12 green, 135 blue, 77 red and 36 black slopes. It has no marked freeride routes.


The ski resort is quite easy, being more than 50% blue slopes, surrounded by forest areas. In addition, many of the red ones could be blue, given their low difficulty. Most of the difficult slopes are concentrated in the areas of the Aiguille Rouge and Bellecòte peaks.


Paradiski consists mainly of blue and red slopes through the forest and the areas of the Aiguille Rouge and Bellecòte peaks. In addition, its horizontal distribution around the same valley makes that, despite its size, the views are quite similar.


Many, very comfortable and very fast. In addition, Paradiski has a train to ascend from Bourg St. Maurice to Arc1600. Highlight the impressive Vanoise Express, a huge gondola with capacity for 188 people that runs 1824m at 45km/h and a maximum height to the ground of 380m.


The daily ticket is very expensive, 60€, as in most large ski resorts in the French Alps, although in that area is usual, it seems too expensive compared to other countries in the Alps.


The accesses are good, it is reached by the N-90 road from Albertville. In addition, Bourg St. Maurice can be reached by train. The roads that arrive at each part of La Plagne and the different Arcs are mountain roads with many curves. The real drawback is the traffic, because this road also reaches Espace Killy and Les Trois Vallées, so there are many hours of traffic jams, besides, it is organized to go for whole weeks so everybody has to get there and leave at once. You will need patience.


Paradiski is huge and very famous, so there is a many off-piste runs for all levels in blogs and web pages, however, they are not officially indicated and there isn’t information about freeride anywhere.


The forests around the ski resort are awesome, formed by pines and huge firs. Also, the views from Aiguille Rouge and Bellecòte are impressive. However, the landscape is always the same due to the arrangement of the ski resort.


Each Les Arcs and La Plgane are not real villages but groups of hotels at the bottom of the slopes, the real villages are in the lower part of the valley, such as Aime or Landry and especially Bourg St. Maurice. From there, you reach the ski resort with a train, it is a very large town, lively and with many activities.

Paradiski presents a very special distribution, instead of going from valley to valley, most of the slopes are on the west side of the Vanoise National Park, this means that to move around the ski resort you have to take many lifts and there are slopes with flat parts, with the consequent walking.

The best:

  • The domain is huge and you can spend days exploring it without repeating slopes.
  • It is very nice to ski in these big forests, and when it snows a lot, these areas maintain good visibility.
  • We think it’s a perfect place for a family vacation.


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