Patscherkofel is, besides Nordkette, the ski resort of the city of Innsbruck. Its slopes and its circuit of Bobsleigh have been the venue of the three Olympic Winter Games (1964, 1976 and Youth Olympic Games in 2012) that Innsbruck has held. The ski resort is not located in the city itself, but in Igls, one of the many villages surrounding Innsbruck. Patscherkofel has been remodeled in the 2017-2018 season. Several lifts have changed, making it much more comfortable and removing those that were repetitive. In addition, they have created three black slopes, increasing the diversity of difficulties. Still more changes are expected for the next season 2018-2019.


18 km distributed in 4 blue, 7 red and 3 black slopes. It is a small ski resort, but allows you to make long descents of around 1000 meters of altitude difference.
It is a medium difficulty ski resort. The construction in 2017 of 3 new black slopes adds difficulty. In addition, the two main slopes are very long with a descent of more than 1000 meters of altitude difference. Ski down "Olympiaabfahrt" and "Familienabfahrt" from start to finish without stopping is a challenge for the legs.
The ski resort is composed mainly of two slopes, "Familienabfahrt" and "Olympiaabfahrt" very long and of around 1000 meters of altitude difference, which have several connected short slopes.
The cable car is new and fast, the ski-lifts are correct.
The price of a day ticket is 37€ but it has discounts for seniors, youths and children. In its favor, as the day progresses, the ski pass is cheaper. In any case, the price is a bit excessive for such a small ski resort.
Patscherkofel is an accessible ski resort, only 20 min from Innsbruck. You can also take the bus “J” from the center of Innsbruck, with a frequency of about 10min.
It has not indicated freeride routes, however, it is possible to ride below the cable car and through less dense forest areas close to the slopes. In addition, if we have ski touring equipment, following the track that goes from "Bergski Resort" we can go up to the antenna and the restaurant "Gipfelstube" that are on top of the mountain (300m of ascent by a wide trail) and from there you can go down to the ski resort freeriding.
From the ski resort we can see the typical image of Innsbruck, the city at the foot of Nordkette and the Inn Valley.
The bobsleigh and luge circuit is awesome (especially for us that in Spain we do not have and we had never seen one), visiting it and with luck seeing people training or competing is a great experience. The ski resort also has indicated routes for snowshoes or ski touring.

The best:

  • The proximity to Innsbruck and its accessibility by free bus.
  • The descent from the highest area of the cable car to the base, connecting red and black slopes, with its 1000 meters of altitude is very fun and a challenge to do it without stopping throughout the descent.
  • After the works, they have left the ski resort much more useful and profitable. Less lifts, more speed and a greater diversity of slopes.


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