Nordkette is a very important and emblematic mountain range for Innsbruck. It is totally dedicated to sport, in winter it is a ski resort and in summer we find both BTT and downhill and hiking routes. We go up to Seegrube (1905m) , where you can go by cable car. We recommend this simple ascent for all those who visit Innsbruck and want to enjoy the nature and the views of the Inn valley and the city. 


Elevation gain




3H 45m









The starting point is in Hungerburg, the las stop of the J bus from Innsbruck. It can also be reached by train with the Nordkettenbahn that leaves the center of Innsbruck (near the Congress Messe). The train station, built by Zaha Hadid, is one of the points of interest in the city.


Acceso transporte publico

Acces by public transport



There are many paths that ascend to Seegrube, from a quite steep path that ascends under the cable car, to a much longer forest road that ascends little by little and multiple intermediate options. We go up changing our path, because in some areas it seems more opportune to give a little detour and in others we prefer to ascend quickly, taking into account the quality of the soil and the slope.

00:00 Hungerburg. We cross the parking lot and begin the ascent by a quite steep path that goes under the cable car. We follow the whole time the signs to Seegrube.

00:25 Start of the forest road. The track is quite muddy and we don´t wear very good shoes, so we decide to walk for a while by the forest road, which is more comfortable and the ascent is flater. In addition, the road goes into the forest, something to consider in summer when it is very hot. At some points we short curves of the road, but in general we ascend through it.

01:00 We cross the ski slope. There is a path that goes up through the ski slope but we prefer to follow the forest road towards Höttinger Alm.

01:50 Confluence of roads. At this point all the paths and the road converge on a path that ascends zigzagging. You can already see some lifts.

2:30 Seegrube. In Seegrube there is a restaurant with a huge terrace. As you can ascend up here in cable car there are good vibes, a Santa Claus DJ and many people having a drink. We relax with the views and we go to the west to see the nearest peaks.

2:30 Descent. The first part is the same, but then we take the path under the cable car more direct and fast.

3:25 Return to the path of ascent. From here we follow exactly the same path that during the ascent.

3:45 Hungerburg.


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Nordkette from Patscherkofel First part of the route under the cable car Forest road Views of Patscherkofel and Glungezer from Seegrube Views of the Inn valley from Seegrube Brandjochspitze Colouirs that can be descended in winter Forest road during the descent

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