Stubaier Gletscher

Stubaier Gletscher  is located at the end of the Stubai valley in a glacial area, as its name suggests. In this same valley, but at a lower altitude, we find Schlick 2000. Stubaier Gletscher is surrounded by dozens of peaks over 3000m and its highest point is 3200m altitude. It is a very modern ski resort that due to its altitude and location guarantees snow practically the whole season (from October to June).


64km distributed in 13 blue, 7 red, 3 black slopes and 9 freeride routes. It is a medium-sized ski resort, it stands out that one third of its skiable kilometers (22km) are off-piste. In addition, the slopes are very long.
Stubaier Gletscher is a medium difficulty ski resort, the blue and red slopes are quite easy, however, the black and the off-piste ones increase the difficulty of the resort.
There are beginners' zones, as well as medium or high difficulty slopes and freeride routes. The ski resort involves several areas, the two high areas Daunferner and Eisjoch, the Fernau area and the opposite hillside, Gaisskarferner.
Most of them are new and in good condition. The chairlifts have a hood and several are heated. In addition, the Eisgrat gondola with its giant cabins is great and avoids the queues at the base of the ski resort. However, there are only T-bar lifts in the Daunferner and Eisjoch areas, probably because they are on the glacier.
The basic ticket for adult costs 47€. It is high, but it is a ski resort with very good facilities, both ski lifts and cafes, and it is located on a glacier.
It is reached following the road 183 for 30 min to the end, which starts in Schönberg im Stubaital, to enter the valley you have to pay 3€ entrance and 3€ departure tolls (independent of the vignette). The buses inside the valley are free. From Innsbruck you can arrive by bus 590 in 1:20 h and the ticket costs 7,20€ go and back.
Stubaier Gletscher bets strongly for freeride, in addition to the 9 routes off-piste of the map, the so-called Powder Department indicates other 14 routes of different difficulties that will delight riders of all levels. In addition, the Wilde Grubn piste of 10 km length and more than 1000m of altitude difference is famous worldwide.
Stubaier Gletscher is located in a high alpine ambient surrounded by peaks over 3000m, also from the Top of Tyrol viewpoint at 3210m the views are incredible. The worst of the landscape is the ski resort itself, as mountain and nature lovers we feel a bit upset to see a high mountain area full of glaciers crossed by lifts. The image in summer is pretty grotesque...
Eisgrat and Gamsgarten cafeterias are spacious and very nice. You have to be careful with the weather, it is especially windy, since it is a high mountain area. It is not unusual to find the upper area of the station closed because of the strong wind.

The best:

  • The large number of freeride options.
  • The Eisgrat gondola and the Eisgrat and Gamsgarten cafes.
  • The snow is guaranteed almost the whole season.
  • The snow quality in spring, it preserves better thanks to the altitude.


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