Elecas is a personal project to share our love of mountaineering and skiing. This website is developed by Elena Tello and Lucas Comeras. We are two young settled in Innsbruck (Austria), lovers of nature and mountain since born. Since we met, we take advantage of our common hobbies to spend as much time as we can in the mountains, either skiing or mountaineering. In addition, this stage in Innsbruck is a great opportunity to get to know the Alps and continue enjoying the nature.


Lucas is a neurobiologist who has spent his summers in the Pyrenees since he was a child. He was at Campamento Virgen Blanca (summer camp in the Pyrenees) for eight years and he was instructor for another two years in it. Thanks to this camp Lucas discovered his love for the mountains and outdoor sports. Also, he skis since childhood in the Pyrenees, both in Aragón and Andorra.


Elena is an ecologist and since she was a child she has lived between Zaragoza and Jaca. She spent winter weekends skiing with the Club Pirineista Mayencos. As a kid she started to hike on the Pyrenees during summer, which little by little became a hobby, and even encouraged her to dedicate himself to ecology. Currently she continues enjoying skiing and mountaineering whenever she can.


We want to emphasize that the excursions described in this website intend to transmit our experience and opinions of the routes we have made. The times, routes and tracks correspond to our routes at a specific time of the year and should never replace good planning. All photographs have been taken and processed by us and to use them in other publications you must ask for consent, as with everything posted on the web.


Elecas is a long-term project that has just begun, little by little we will be completing and expanding the different sections of the web. We hope you like it.


Lucas and Elena