The route to Brandjochkreuz (2268m), in the Nordkette mountain range, is a steep ascent through nice paths. The route that we choose is far from the ski resort and, therefore, less crowded than other routes in Nordkette. There is a great variety of tracks, we decided to ascend by Rauschbrunnen and descend by Achselbodenhütte, although there are other possibilities by Höttinger Alm or Hungenburg.


Elevation gain




6H 55min









The route starts in Innsbruck Allerheiligen bus stop, at the end of line O that cross the city center.


ruta circular

Circular route

Acceso transporte publico

Access by public transport



00:00 Start. We start the route at the city itself, from the bus stop we walk direction NW through Sankt-Georgs-Weg, cross the railway track, turn left and then turn right into Gufeltalweg. We continue along Gufeltalweg, a street that turns into a path. We follow this path towards Rauchsbrunnen.

01:00 Rauschbrunnen. After an hour ascending we arrive at this Alm that is usually open all year. We pass through the Alm and go along the path on the left, direction NW. The path continues through the forest and becomes steeper just outside Rauschbrunnen.

01:50 Aspachhütte. We make a break to recover energy and enjoy the sunny day. From here, we leave the forest behind and the path goes through brushwood.

02:25 Jagdhütte. From here we can already see Brandjochkreuz and the ridge to Brandjochspitze. The path turns NE, to make a diagonal less steep on rocky ground. Then we arrive to a zone of very high bushes.

03:10 Detour to the summit. We arrive to a meadow on a rise, we turn left (direction N) to the summit, and we clearly see our goal, the cross. The last hillside is steep and very exposed to the wind.

03:40 Brandjochkreuz. After a hard effort because of the wind and elevation gain, we reach the summit. We rest a little and go back down along the same path to the previous detour.

04:30 Detour. At this point we see the ascent on our right and the descent on our left (direction E). We go towards Achselkopf, although we don´t reach it, avoiding the detours to Höttinger Alm.

05:05 Achselbodenhütte. We go through this nice hut, with a fountain to fill the water bottle, and we continue along the path towards Höttinger Bild.

05:15 Detour to Höttinger Bild. We take the path direction E, the track that continues straight goes to Achselkopf, but we keep going down. We follow the narrow path through the forest at all times, crossing forest tracks.

06:20 Höttinger Bild. From now on, the path becomes a wide and frequented forest road.

06:55 End. We arrive to Planötzenhof, where there are a Parking and the first houses of Innsbruck.


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We start by a wide and confortable path in the forest Rauschbrunnen Panoramic view from Rauschbrunnen Aspachhütte and in the back Brandjochkreuz Brandjochkreuz and Brandjochspitze Panoramic view from the summit Brandjochspitze from Brandjochkreuz The team in Brandjochkreuz Nockspitze and Kalkkögel Serles Achselbodenhütte and Brandjochkreuz Forest during the descent

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