Salfains and Grieskogel

Salfains is a hill with very beautiful views, at its feet the lake Salfainssee (2000m) and opposite the Kalkkögel, a mountain range known as the Austrian Dolomites. Grieskogel (2118m) is another summit that is located at the end of the valley and has 360º views, so besides the Kalkkögel we can also enjoy the views of the Windegg and Wenten peaks.


Elevation gain




5H 30m









We start the route in Grinzens, at the 4162 bus stop Grinzens Abzw Kemater Alm. The access by car is very simple, being able to shorten the route if you go through the forest road until the Kemater Alm parking.


ruta circular

Circular route



Acceso transporte publico

Access by public transport



Unfortunately, what was going to be a hike to a very nice destination, was a bit disappointing, since due to the drought the lake Salfainssee had practically disappeared. Even so, enjoying the views of the Kalkkögel worth the climb. As we had enough time and energy, we decided to go till Grieskogel to enjoy more views and not to have the bad taste of the lake almost dry.

00:00 Start. We leave Grinzens by an asphalted forest road direction Kemater Alm. This road goes into the valley and ascends little by little, cars can also use it.

01:00 Parking Kaserl. Upon reaching the Parking, we turn to the right (direction W), pass a cattle gate and take the path towards Salfains. At various points of the ascent you can choose to go up by forest road or by path, we choose in all cases path.

01:35 Salfainssalm. We reach a small hut in a forest glade, which is currently closed. We continue along a path that gradually comes out of the forest and advances through areas of meadow and bushes.

02:10 Salfainssee. Once in the lake we see Salfains on our right. Due to the appearance of the lake, which barely has water, we decide to take the path that leaves on our left (direction S) towards Grieskogel. The path ascends little by little to the top.

02:50 Grieskogel. From the summit we have beautiful views of the two valleys that border it. To descend, we take the same path that we used to ascent from the lake.

03:25 Salfainssee. From here we go to Salfains.

03:30 Salfains. In this summit we have a higher view of the lake and in the background the Kalkkögel, which in good years is reflected in the lake creating a beautiful image. We descend towards Figl.

03:40 Figl. The path leads us through another small peak, we continue along the same path, which leaves the meadows behind and goes into scrub and forest.

04:05 Nederer Hütte. In a glade within the forest appears this Hütte and a hidden fountain, the first we have seen today. From here you can reach Grinzens by path or forest road, which cross continuously each other, we start by path, but then we go to the forest road.

05:30 Grinzens. The forest road leaves us next to the Grinzens football field, so we will have to walk a few more minutes through the town to get to the car or the bus stop.


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Beggining by a wide forest road Parking Kaserl Kalkkögel during the ascent Salfains Alm Kemater Alm and Kalkkögel Look back arriving to Salfainssee Panoramic view of Kalkkögel Path to Grieskogel and views Salfainssee and Kalkkögel in the back Salfainssee and Kalkkögel Path to descend Nederer Hütte

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