Sulzkogel (3016m) is an easy and beautiful peak in the valley of Sellrain. At the summit you can enjoy a panoramic view, because it is one of the highest peaks in the area. In clear days you can see all the high peaks of the Öztaler Alps. Since it is one of the easiest three-thousand peaks in Tirol, it is a good choice for beginners who want to achieve their first three-thousand summit. In the dam there is also a sign that explains how the system of dams in Kühtai work, very interesting.


Elevation gain




5H 30min









The hike starts at the base of the ski resort Kühtai, which can be reach in 40 min from Innsbruck following the route L13 from Kematen. We park at the bus stop before the chairlift Dreiseenbahn.


Acceso transporte publico

More than 3000m


Access by public transport



Due to its orientation and being in a very narrow valley there is snow in the route until middle summer in years with a lot of snow. It was our case, we did the route on the 6th of July and we had to cross several areas with snow. So, if you want to go in early summer better carry good high boots.
In addition in the first part it is possible to ascend using a path (as we did) or an asphalted forest road that is used for maintenance of the dam.

00:00 Start. We follow the asphalted forest road direction south.

00:05 Bridge. We take the detour to the left, cross the bridge and then take the path to the right (direction S). The path goes parallel to the river. You can also follow the asphalted forest road, instead of taking this detour, but it takes longer.

00:30 Dam of the reservoir Finstertal. We reach the lower part of the dam and the forest road. We cross the forest road and then go through the path on the left of the dam, that cross the forest road a couple of times more.

00:50 Reservoir Finstertal. We reach the big reservoir at the top of the dam, which is part of a big power plant. The path continues flat on the left (direction S) surrounding the east part of the reservoir.

01:20 Leaving the reservoir Finstertal. Once we surround the reservoir, we continue to the west parallel to the river, which we cross two times and then to the left to go up a waterfall. In this area is easy to find snow in spring.

01:50 Top of the waterfall. After the little waterfall, the path goes slightly to the right (direction W).

02:10 Lake. The path passes near a little lake which is frozen at this time of the year and continues through a little valley on the right over scree and rocks. In the valley we find some snow patches, that is why this part of the ascension may have taken us a bit longer.

03:10 Sulzkogel. We reach the summit. The last meters are not difficult but very steep. After a break, we go down through the same path. We reach at 03:55 the little lake, at 04:55 we arrive to the dam and at 05:30 we finish our hike in Kühtai.


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Sulzkogel from the reservoir Finsterstal Zwölferkogel and the Finstertal reservoir Sulzkogel Waterfall Schrankogel from the summit Views from the Sulzkogel Finstertal reservoir and Neunerkogel Dam of the reservoir Finstertal and Kühtai

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