The route to Grünausee is a very, very nice hike. The route begins with the climbing of Grawa Wasserfall, an impressive waterfall, that we can observe from different viewpoints during the ascent. Afterwards we reach a plateau where the river meanders, surrounded by a circus from where other great waterfall descends. Finally, Grünausee is an impressive lake formed by the thaw at the foot of the Gamsspitzl, the Wilder Freiger glacier and the peak of the same name.


Elevation gain




5H 40m









We start from Grawa Alm. It can be reached by bus 590 (1h 20min from Innsbruck) or by car. The parking lot of the Alm is small so you have to be early.






Acceso transporte publico

Access by public transport



It is a very pleasant hike, since it goes through a wide variety of different areas and we can observe both large glaciers and grazing areas. The route can be extended going to Blue Lake, which is about 30 minutes from Sulzenau Hütte.

00:00 Start. We start from Grawa Alm, a nice and small Alm with a terrace in front of the impressive Grawa waterfall. We go down by a path from the Alm, cross the river and arrive at a viewpoint at the base of the waterfall.

00:10 Base of the waterfall. We start the ascent by a small path that goes to our right (direction S). The path goes through a peatland, equipped with stairs to avoid stepping on it. In addition, during the ascent we find several viewpoints that overlook the waterfall.

00:50 Forest road. We finish the ascent and arrive at a house used to ascend and descend material for Sulzenau Alm and Sulzenau Hütte. From here the route is a forest road that leads to the circus where Sulzenau Alm is located.

01:05 Sulzenau Alm. We walk in front of the Alm and continue along the path that leads us to the next waterfall. From there we take the path that ascends to its right to Sulzenau Hütte.

01:55 Sulzenau Hütte. We arrived at the Hütte from which we can see the Fernestube Glacier. Following the signs, we take the path that goes to the left (direction E) towards Grünausee and Wilder Freiger. From the Hütte, the path takes about 20 min to reach the moraine where the glacier used to be, we went down a little to what was once the base of the glacier, where a river now flows, we cross it and follow the path that leads us along the side of the moraine to Grünausee.

03:00 Grünausee. The lake is in a cirque. In addition, to go down to the water level, we recommend going up a bit to see the impressive image of the lake with the glacier in the background.

03:00 Descent. After lunch and a small nap, we begin the descent that follows at all times along the same path as the ascent. 03:45 We pass by Sulzenau Hütte. 04:40 Sulzenau Alm and at 05:40 Grawa Alm.


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Grawa Wasserfall Stairs to ascend the peatland Stairs Out of the forest after ascend the waterfall Plateau and Sulzenau Alm Waterfall close to Sulzenau Alm and up, Sulzenauhütte Sulzenauhütte View back from Sulzenauhütte Glacier Fernestube from Sulzenauhütte Old path of the glacier Glacier and peak Wilder Freiger Wilder Freiger Grünausee Wilder Freiger and its glacier Gamsspitzl and Grünausee


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