Formigal - Panticosa

The ski resort Formigal-Panticosa is located in the valley of Tena, one of the main valleys of the Pyrenees, it is the largest ski area in Spain. It is a magnificent environment surrounded by some of the highest massifs of the Pyrenees. Formigal-Panticosa is a great tourist attraction nationwide.



Panticosa has 35km distributed in 7 green, 14 blue, 16 red and 4 black pistes. And Formigal 137km distributed in 7 green, 20 blue, 36 red, 38 black slopes and 5 ski routes. Note that Formigal marks ski routes as black slopes with one or two diamonds, but they are not groomed slopes and in them, there is a sign indicating that skiing is under the responsibility of the skier.


Medium difficulty, except for the area of ​​Tres Hombres and the Collado slope, which do have steeper pistes, in general it is a ski resort with little slope.


Diversity is its strong point, there are many beginner zones near the cafeterias Sextas, Sarrios and Anayet; and many blue and red slopes of different difficulties. For the most experts it has several freeride areas and a quite large Snowpark.


There is a great diversity in this aspect. Chairs such as Anayet and Collado are very slow and accumulate large queues. In addition, the Izas zone has only quite old ski lifts. However, newer areas such as Sextas and Portalet have very fast and comfortable chair lifts.


It is an exaggeratedly expensive ski resort. Prices change depending on the day, on Wednesdays the day pass is 34€ but all weekends, holidays, two weeks of Christmas and Easter the price is 43.5€; the rest of the season 41.5€. In addition, we must add the assistance on slopes. The basic insurance covers only open runs and it is 3.5€, with assistance on the Snowpark 5€ and off-piste 10€ (remember that the black rhombus slopes are off-piste, although they count in the kilometers are not in the basic insurance of the ski resort and you have to pay more for kilometers included in the ski area).


Formigal is accessed by the A-136, the road is in good condition, but there are often traffic jams at the arrival and departure times. To Panticosa you have to follow the A-136 until the detour to Pueyo de Jaca and take the A-2606, this road is quite narrow in many sections and also usually has a traffic jam. From Sallent there is a bus at 8:30 to Formigal with return at 16:30 and from Formigal urbanization there is an uninterrupted service. In addition, the Bus Blanco leaves daily from Zaragoza.


As we have already said, Formigal marks some slopes as black with one or two diamonds depending on the difficulty, although they are freeride routes. The Tres Hombres couloirs and the descents of the Ratrack in Portalet are especially nice.


In Formigal the landscape towards the valley of Tena is very beautiful and we can observe some of the main massifs of the Pyrenees such as Balaitus. In addition, from Panticosa you can see the area of ​​the peaks near the Balneario de Panticosa and the Sierra de la Partacua.


The union Formigal-Panticosa seems to us a deception of Aramón because its obsession to add skiing kilometers. The ski resorts are independent and are separated by 20 min driving or a bus that takes 25min (times if there is no traffic jam, which is quite common). In addition, the overcrowding in Formigal is a big problem, it is common to find queues on the lifts and traffic jams on the roads. The Après ski in Sextas (Marchica) is really nice, there are usually parties with DJs and a cool atmosphere.

The best:


  • Great diversity with slopes of all levels.
  • The area of Tres Hombres, both the red slopes and the couloirs off-piste.
  • The Après ski in Marchica.


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