Obergurgl-Hochgurgl is a medium-large ski resort, located at the end of the Ötzal valley, one of the largest valleys of the Austrian Alps, where the Sölden ski resort (one of the most famous of the Alps) is also located. Obergurgl-Hochgurl is a very nice ski resort to go with family and enjoy long descents without too much difficulty. Obergurgl is the highest town in Austria (1930m), this altitude and its situation make it an area with impressive landscape surrounded by several glaciers and peaks over 3500m. The views from Hohe Mut are a gift for the eyes.



Obergurgl and Hochgurgl are two separate areas linked by a 3.6km cable car. Between both they have 110Km distributed in 23 blue slopes, 11 red, 10 black and 4 freeride routes. You can enjoy several descents of more than 1000m of altitude difference linking several slopes.


It is an easy ski resort, the blue slopes predominate and the red and black ones, with some exception, are wide and without much inclination. In addition, the areas near Steinmannbahn and Top-Wurmkogl I are perfect for beginners.


The two zones, Obergurgl and Hochgurgl, have both blue and beginner’s zones and several red zones. However, it is missing some more difficulty.


Good and new. It has a lot of cable cars (more than chairlifts), and fast and comfortable chairlifts. The T-bars are only in the beginner’s zones, with the exception of Vorderer Wurmkogllift.


The day ticket costs € 52, it seems expensive compared to ski resorts we know of nearby valleys.


It is accessed by road 186, the main road of the Ötzal valley. It is a road in very good condition, but it crosses many villages, which generates many traffic jams. Especially going through Sölden is a guarantee of traffic jam. It can be reached by buses leaving Öztal Bahnhof (train and bus station at the beginning of the valley) several times a day and it takes 1:30 h.


Obergurgl-Hochgurgl has 4 indicated freeride routes, it's not a big deal, but close to the slopes there are plenty of areas to get away from the groomed slopes and enjoy powder.


We put 5 snowflakes because there is no more, otherwise we will give them. The area of ​​Hohe Mut is impressive, the views of the dozens of peaks over 3000m and the glaciers are extraordinary. Also, the views from the Top Mountain Star coffee shop are amazing.


The cafeteria of Top Mountain Cross, is half cafeteria half museum of motorcycling, in summer it is the point of access to the road “Timmelsjoch” and is decorated with motorcycles and different old vehicles. In addition, Obergurgl is a very nice village that preserves the typical Austrian mountain architecture, despite being very touristic.

The best:

  • The views and the landscape are the best we've seen.

  • The cafeteria of Top Mountain Cross.

  • To be able to make descents of so much accumulated altitude difference.


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