St. Anton am Arlberg

St. Anton is one of the most famous Austrian resorts, considered the birthplace of alpine ski and one of the best ski resorts in the world, thanks to its huge ski area and the famous Après-ski of St. Anton. The connection of St. Anton am Arlberg, St Christoph, Stuben, Lech, Zürs, Warth and Schröcken make the Ski Arlberg complex the largest in Austria. It is an international ski resort where skiers from all over the world enjoy winter sports.


305 km of slopes distributed in 66 blue, 44 red and 15 black slopes; in addition, 200 km of freeride routes. These 505 kilometers make St. Anton am Arlberg a huge ski resort, impossible to go all over in a single day.
We can find slopes for all levels, from beginner’s areas to black slopes with a large altitude difference. The different zones also present different difficulties, to be chosen depending on the level of the skier.
It is not just a large ski resort in terms of skiable kilometers, also it covers a huge area (about 50km2), therefore each area has a different landscape, orientation and situation, which generates a high variability. However, it is true that, in terms of the difficulties of the ski slopes, the blue ones are about half of the total, while the number of blacks is small, however, there are plenty of freeride areas.
The ski lifts are modern and fast, there are many cable cars and chair lifts. Even so, the connections between the different zones are slow because they are far away. It should be pointed out the curious system of the Flexenbahn-Trittkopfbahn, a Y shape cable car that connects Stuben-St. Anton-St. Cristoph with the zone of Zürs-Lech, and in its intermediate stop has even a museum.
The price per adult and day is 53€, there are discounts for beginners, senior, children, etc. Considering the prices of other Austrian ski resorts, the number of kilometers offered and the level of the facilities, we think that the price is more than reasonable.
St. Anton has easy access by highway. However, parking is not easy, almost all the parking in the town is reserved for hotels and there is only one parking area. The other areas are further away, can be reached by a mountain road and have large parking areas. It is also possible to get to St. Anton by train from several points in Switzerland and Austria, which is quite comfortable, but expensive.
There are plenty of freeride options, besides the 200km indicated, the slopes are very separated and there are powder areas almost everywhere. Stuben is awesome for freeride, it is much quiet with endless possibilities in the areas near the Albonabahn II cable car. In addition, the routes indicated from Schindlergratbahn are awesome. Finally, in the upper area of ​​Lech, as you can see on the map, there are many routes of different difficulties.
The landscape is very beautiful and diverse as you change the area. The ski resort does not have high altitude, but even so, it is impressive to be surrounded by mountains on all sides.
It is a very large and diverse ski resort, so we recommend analyzing the areas before going and choosing which one fits to the level of the skier. In addition, once there, the changes between areas can be long and slow, so we recommend some planning about where to park. St. Anton is easily accessible, but if you are an expert skier, approaching Stuben or Zurs and parking there can be a good option, since in these areas the slopes are more difficult.

The best:

  • The longest descent is 10.2 kilometers, from the Vallugabahn, through Ulmerhütte to St. Anton am Arlberg with an altitude difference of 1350 meters.
  • At the intersection of the cable cars Tritkopfbahn I and II there is a very curious museum, dedicated to the ski resort, the celebrities who have visited it, films that have been shot there, etc.
  • The area of Stuben, going up with the funicular Albonabahn II, is very quiet and has several fun red pistes, which usually are not crowded at all.
  • Zürs is one the most complicated areas and we love its slopes.
  • St. Anton village can be reached by train or by motorway, it also has a great atmosphere and Après-ski.


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