Ordino - Arcalís

Ordino-Arcalís is ski resort from Andorra and it is part of the Vallnord complex. It is a small ski resort, quieter and less known than the famous Grandvalira. Ordino-Arcalís is perfect for families and beginners, as well as for freeriders of all levels.



30km divided into 9 green, 7 blue, 10 red and 2 black slopes. In addition, it has two marked freeride areas. It is a small ski resort, although it takes up many hectares.


Ordino-Arcalís is a quite easy ski resort, although fun, and you can add difficulty thanks to the freeride possibilities.


The ski resort has slopes of all kind of difficulties, although the easiest ones predominate. In addition, in spite of being such a small ski resort has different areas, from a low forestry area to the La Coma zone, with greater inclination and difficulty.


The ski lifts are fine, they are not especially modern, but ok.


The price per day varies between 28.41€ and 37.90€, depending on the time of the season, to this price must be added 4.5€ insurance on slopes. We think it is a reasonable price compared to other ski resorts in the Pyrenees.


It is reached via a mountain road with many curves that cross different towns, so traffic jams are easily made.


The ski resort indicates two freeride zones, the red zone is only accessible by the Creussans chairlift, which is usually closed, so when it opens the area gets crowded within minutes. On the other hand, the blue zone is easier and fun. Other unmarked freeride options are the forest at the left of the L'Hortell trawl, the area close to Les Tarteres and below the monument shaped like an O Arcalís 91.


The landscape is very beautiful, because it is a ski resort surrounded by mountains. One of the most beautiful areas is the Creussans chairlift, from there, we can see the close valleys of the French Pyrenees.


Ordino-Arcalis is part of the Freeride World Tour, so you can watch compete the best skiers and snowboarders of the world.

The best:

  • The red slope La Portella del Mig, funny and long.
  • The piste Els Canals has in the forest some jumps and moguls for children, very funny.
  • Snow in Andorra is usually more abundant and has higher quality than in the Spanish Pyrenees.


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