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Espace Killy is the second highest ski resort in Europe, and one of the most famous, located in the French Alps in the Vanoise natural park. It is formed by the ski resorts Tignes and Val d'Isere. Espace Killy area is very large and stands out for its difficulty. Its incredible slopes, snow in spectacular conditions and quality lifts make it one of the best ski resorts we have ever seen.



300 km, divided into 24 green, 67 blue, 43 red and 24 black slopes and 9 marked freeride areas. It is a very large ski resort, with very long descents.


Although Tignes and Val d'Isere offer slopes for all levels, the truth is that, as soon as you leave the begginer’s area (Rocher de Bellevarde or Val d'Isere village), the blue ones look red, the red ones black and the black ones... let's say they are hard. In conclusion, it is a difficult ski resort, especially aimed at advanced skiers.


Espace Killy covers from glaciers over 3000m, to the lowest area in Tignes at 1500m. Therefore, in terms of landscape, type of slopes, and even snow, the ski resort has a lot of diversity.


Espace Killy has 78 ski lifts, practically all of them are very modern and fast. There are many cable cars, funiculars and two trains. The connections between zones are fast.


The daily adult ticket is 57€, the normal price for the French Alps, although it seems expensive compared to Austrian or Italian ski resorts of the same level. The multi-day pass includes a free entrance to the Tignes pool, which is very good, although it is usually crowded.


The accesses are good, it is reached by the N-90 road from Albertville. This road also leads to Paradiski and Les Trois Vallées, traffic jams of so many hours are formed, in addition, most visitors stay a whole week, so everyone arrives and leaves at the same time. The road that goes to Tignes is a small road with curves that usually demand the use of snow chains.


On the Espace Killy slopes map we can find 9 freeride routes indicated, but the reality is that it is a huge ski resort with lots of freeride zones. We did not find an excessive density of slopes so there is a lot of space to ski between them. In addition, the ski resort offers free mountain safety courses, 4 information points of the snow conditions and areas to check the status of our LVS.


Espace Killy is surrounded by impressive mountains, the views in general are very nice, but we must highlight the views from the Grande Motte, they are spectacular. In addition, Val d'Isere is a very nice town, which preserves the typical architecture of mountain houses, Christmas aspect and nice atmosphere.


Espace Killy is very large, so we recommend you to plan well the day and where to stay because crossing the ski resort and returning takes a whole day. Val d'Isere is a beautiful town with many shops, bars and events, while Tignes is a very artificial town formed by hotels in front of the slopes. La Daille is a neighborhood of Val d'Isere with a few hotels, but well connected by bus and the same happens with Val Claret and Tignes. The rest of the areas (Le Lavachet, Tignes 1800, Tignes 1550 and Le Fornet) are residential areas formed by hotels. Also note that everything is quite expensive, even the supermarket.

The best:

  • Espace Killy is a difficult ski resort, perfect for advanced skiers.
  • The spectacular views from the Grande Motte.
  • The modern and fast ski lifts.
  • The freeride on the Pissaillas glacier, with little inclination and great snow.
  • The Bellevarde Face slope, difficult, very funny and history of winter Olympism.


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